Meet the team behind Joan & Bobs Juicy Jams

Joan and Bob Fitzgerald Cahill are sweethearts from their Art School days. Early on they enjoyed making and experimenting with preserves, skills which they both learned at their mother’s knee. When the recession hit in 2011 they lost their jobs. This was the catalyst for them put their skills and available provisions to use. In 2013 Joan and Bob’s Juicy Jams was born.

Creative at their core, they participate in the full journey of their jams, chutneys, sauces, pesto, hummus and syrups from start to finish. Joan and Bob’s Juicy Jams are known for their range of unique flavour combinations. They pick their own wild berries and slow cook seasonal ingredients in small batches.

They pot their tasty product in beautiful packaging, apply their unique, self designed labels and hand tied ribbons and bows make them perfect for gifts. And finally they market and do all their own deliveries.

They produce limited edition product based on the seasonal availability of ingredients

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