Meet the team behind Mic's Chilli

Mic knows his chillies. Having sampled the good stuff on a trip to Belize, Mic couldn’t find a comparable chilli sauce on the market back home. He decided there was nothing for it but to go it alone and perfect his very own chilli sauce. A so in 2010 Mic emerge from his secret dungeon in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow having developed his very own range of true lovers of hot sauces. 

From a hot sauce with training wheel called Inferno Sauce Junior to VooDoo Reaper the hottest in Mic’s extensive range of award winning sauces are a feast for the senses. These intensely flavoured sauces, made with the finest natural ingredients are a true delight to fuel your fiery culinary adventures. And they look good too, the presentation and labels are a work of art. Attention to detail is what it is all about over at Mic’s Chilli.


  • Great Taste Awards Gold Medal 2012 - Chilli BBQ Sauce
  • Great Taste Awards Gold Medal 2011 - Chilli Inferno Extreme

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