Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt 75g

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Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt, capturing the delicate flavours of the Wild Atlantic Way. Hot-smoked with beech and oak and will bring the taste of a BBQ grill and Achill Island to some of your favourite dishes. The Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt is aromatic and flavourful – great for enhancing anything from meats to vegetables to desserts. Achill Island Sea Salt is a natural product, with a soft, flaky texture, and unique flavour. It has great crumbling properties and is perfect for sprinkling.

Achill Island Sea Salt is a family business founded in 2013. In the time-honoured style, they began producing sea salt in the family kitchen. Growing demand however, saw them move to a new facility on the Island in September 2016. Their aim is to create a great tasting, pure and natural Irish Sea salt using sustainable production methods and to provide a viable industry on Achill Island.


100% Achill Island Sea Salt


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