El Angel Pimenton Dulce - Smoked Sweet Paprika Powder 75g

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El Angel Pimenton Dulce is made with peppers from Extremadura, Spain, the home of Pimenton, which is known locally as "red gold”. Dried slowly over an oak burning fire for several weeks, Pimenton Dulce is a sweet, cool, smokey flavoured paprika, and is much more flavoursome than standard paprika.

Amazing cooking essential, which adds depth and intense flavour to any meat or vegetarian sauce stew or roast. Have a little taste of El Angel Sweet Smoked Paprika by adding it to your eggs, rice, soups, and meats (beef, fish, poultry, pork). It is often served uncooked, sprinkled on cheeses, pastas, salads, and can be incorporated into marinades and dressings. Since 1880, El Angel has grown to be the top brand of paprika in Spain.


Gluten free


Smoked Sweet Paprika


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