King Tarakihi Sauvignon Blanc

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King Tarakihi presides over Southern Oceans with his signature bowler hat and tribal Moko. This crisp 2018 Sauvignon Blanc is in his honour. Flavour of citrus and tropical fruits. Perfect with fish and chicken.

The story goes.... Every rural community with proximity to the ocean has a tale of a legendary fish. In the town of Martinborough that fish is the King Tarakihi. Often spotted of the south-east point of the North-Island, this Tarakihi was said to be so formidable that it was the size of a great white and made Aquaman scared to go back in the water. None the less, the people of Martinborough coveted the beast. Many fishermen tried to capture King Tarakihi, all were bested in more humiliating fashion than the last.

Licking their wounds, on their return each sailor would be served the finest wine the town of Martinborough had to offer. An alluring and potent Sauvignon Blanc concentrated with flavours of lime, blackcurrant leaf, grapefruit and an invigorating minerality on the finish, for battling with the fish and surviving was worthy of reward in itself. Eventually the towns folk realised King Tarakihi deserved to be left in peace and out of respect named their beloved wine after him.

Please Drink Responsibly. Over 18s Only


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